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clone wars sketch cards

October 21st, 2009

Here are a few of the sketch cards from the Clone Wars widescreen thingamabob that I participated in. I think the set comes out pretty soon.

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new Magic: The Gathering artwork

October 13th, 2008

Here are two recent artist proof cards I received from Wizards of the Coast. I haven’t done a whole lot of these, so I think I’m still kind of feeling my way around how the artwork needs to work with the game rules. Anyway they are fun to do, hopefully there will be more down the road. The original artwork can be seen in the COLOR WORKS section of the portfolio.

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star wars miniatures cards

December 3rd, 2006

A while back I had done these sketches for Wizards of the Coast – they needed some reference drawings for their Star Wars miniatures (I had supplied them with front and back views). I didn’t know they were going to include the drawings on these trading card things that are included with the figures.

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World of Warcraft trading card art

November 22nd, 2006